Giant umbrellas are one of the more popular choices for hotels and restaurateurs in Europe, however they are not such a common sight in the Middle East. Why is this and when should you use a giant umbrella? What should you look out for when choosing a giant umbrella? Here is our guide to giant umbrellas.

When trying to understand the giant umbrella you need to consider three factors: space, shade cover and durability. In the Gulf, one can easily see that the cantilever or “hanging umbrella” is the umbrella of choice for most restaurants. They can be moved around, are tiltable (some models), and are relatively inexpensive. Giant umbrellas, on the otherhand, are strong, easy to open and close, durable, and can cover a large area that would require multiple hanging umbrellas. There is a definite difference between the two types in durability and space.

Shade Cover & Space

A standard hanging umbrella is normally 3x3m (9m²  coverage). A giant umbrella can be 6x6m (36m² coverage). You would, therefore, need 4 hanging umbrellas to cover the same area as just one giant umbrella. This, of course, links in with space. How much space do you have on your terrace to use? A small terrace with an unconventional layout might be suitable for a hanging umbrella but a square or rectangular terrace might suit one giant umbrella.


What about durability? Again, lets turn to the hanging umbrella. The biggest reason we get hanging umbrellas coming back to us for repair is that they were left open when it was too windy. Even with 130KG bases, strong winds in the gulf can blow over a hanging umbrella. Centre pole umbrellas on the other hand, are more evenly weighted, making them more stable.  Giant umbrellas will need heavy bases and for a 6x6meter umbrella we use a 620KG base.  Alternatively, they can also be fitted with a ground socket or mounting plate installation. We have yet to have a giant umbrella come back to us that has been blown over. With the correct base installation they can withstand strong winds. See this video for a wind tunnel test.


So giant umbrellas are a great option if you have a rectangular or square terrace that is relatively large. They are strong and durable and can take up minimal space.  The deciding factor potentially putting buyers off is the price. Lets go back to our previous example of one 6x6m umbrella and four 3x3m umbrellas. If a 3x3m umbrella costs 3000AED (average price), the total price would be 12,000AED for four. One giant umbrella covering the same area would cost 14,000AED. So from a cost point of view it would be less expensive by 2000AED to go for the hanging umbrella option. However, when you weigh up the increased maintenance of  the hanging umbrellas this could easily be off set. Consider also that the hanging umbrellas will be opened and closed every day (four of them) leading to more wear and tear. One large umbrella  is stronger and less likely to require as much maintenance.

When you add branding and the ambiance created with a giant umbrella, it makes a compelling argument to choose a giant rather than multiple smaller umbrellas.

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