Awning frequently asked questions

Purchasing awnings can be confusing to the first time buyer. Cassettes? Monoblock? retractable? Here are some of the awnings frequently asked questions that customer often ask.

What is the difference between Monoblock and Cassette Awning?

This can be confusing. There are many terms used including classic, lateral arm and retractable. The awnings we are referring to are awnings that are used in terraces and patios. They offer near horizontal (adjustable) shading that can be extended out and retracted back. (This is the retracable part). The awning extends laterally or sideways out. Monoblock refers to a square bar that holds the awning arms in place. It is the standard or classic type of awning. Cassette offers fabric canopy protection from sun, rain and dust when closed by providing a cover so that the fabric is fully protected.

How Long will the fabric Last?

An important question. This depends on a number of factors but for our awnings we only used solution dyed acrylic fabric by recognised brands offering warranties. Sunbrella and Recasens offer 5 year warranties against specified defects.

What sort of Wind speed can the awning withstand?

The windspeed depends on the width and projection of the awning. To ensure the awning remains problem free we suggest closing the awning when it is not in use and also closing the awning when windy conditions should arise.

Where can you deliver and install?

We can deliver and install thoughout the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khamiah.

Do you offer motorised options?

We offer two ways to open and close your awning. The manual option allows the awning to opened and closed with the use of a hand crank. The second option uses an electric motor in the fabric tube to open and close the canopy. The motor used is made by Somfy and offers a 5 year warranty against defects.

How long will the awning last?

This often depends on how the awning is used. With proper care the awning can easily last 10 to 15 years. The Fabric will need to be changed in this time.

What Accessories are available for the Awnings?

There are a number of accessories that are available with our awnings. For motor operations, wind sensors and light sensors are possible allowing the awning to close when a windspeed is reached or a light level is below a specific threshold. There is also a Shake sensor which closes the awning based on Vibrations.

For lighting, there is the option of integrated LED lights into the awning arms of the Splenbox 400. The lights can be controlled Remotely. Additionally, we can also integrate Illuminated LED logos in the the Flap of the awnings allowing branding in the evening.