Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

This Motorised Blind system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and ensures effective light control. A product that combines cutting-edge design and functionality, opening interior spaces to the exterior while protecting privacy. In addition to their highly decorative aspect, screens offer other benefits such as providing energy savings by reducing interior temperatures, protecting property and people from ultra-violet rays, and creating a more comfortable environment.


What does effective solar protection offer?

– Controls and filters light coming from outside and Saves energy by reducing the interior temperature, making more efficient use of heating and air-conditioning systems

– Protects privacy from the exterior: see without being seen – Opens interior spaces visually to the exterior
– Provides visual comfort
– Controls glare on computer and other types of screens
– Prevents sharp differences and contrasts of light
– Protects property and people from UV rays

What Sizes can you offer?

We can offer Motorised outdoor blinds up to 500cm wide as standard. Larger sizes can be fabricated specially for this.

What motors do you use?

We use Somfy Motors who provide long life of use and warranties.

Can you customise the fabric?

Yes we can offer different fabric options for the Motorised outdoor Blind.

Where do you install?

We install in Dubai and the remaining emirates of the UAE. We supply to villa projects aswell as Commercial hotels and restaurants.

How Strong are the Motorised Outdoor Blinds to Handle wind?

The motorised outdoor blinds are more than capable of handling strong winds. See the video to the right showcasing the windspeed that can be withstood for these blinds.

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