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Synthetic Furniture - Viro Fibre

Can we put Viro outdoors for the whole year?

Yes, Viro is designed to be insensitive to temperature differences ranging from 70C to 80C.

Wont the colour of Viro Fade?

No, Viro fibre won`t fade even if it`s exposed under different weather conditions, such as: Summer, Winter, etc. Its been proved in a laboratory test that Viro can withstand under UV exposure for 3 years.

Is Viro Safe for the enviornment?

Yes, Viro Fibre is made of Polyethylene (PE). Its not toxic material and can be 100% recycled, even when burned no toxic substances are generated.

What about rain, saltwater and chlorine?

Viro is resistant to them, so its safe to be used at the beach and swimming pool side.

Does it need special cleaning and maintenance?

No maintenance is required. Just simple way to clean up using a wet cloth. A Soap and mild detergent is also recommended.
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Teak Garden Furniture

Why should I consider teak for my garden furniture?

Teak has a high natural oil content ,which makes it extremely durable and resistant to the effects of sun, rain frost or snow.

How should I maintain my teak?

Left outside without maintenance, teak will slowly change colour from brown to grey. Many people like this and you can see this commonly in park benches and seating if you visit parks in Europe or temperate countries. In Dubai and the Gulf, many customers buy the natural product and it will retain its colour outdoors provided it is regularly wiped over with a cloth containing teak oil available from our store or from any hardware shop.

What can I do to prolong the duration between reapplying teak oil on my garden furniture?

For reduced maintenance, we offer a microporous paint finish in natural or tinted colours greatly extending the time between periodic maintenance.


What sort of umbrella should I use?

This all depends on its useage. Centre pole umbrellas are strong and can withstand windy conditions as long as they have a sufficient base or ground fixing. They can be used on higher floors. Hanging umbrellas should be located ideally on the ground floor. Because they hang, they cannot withstand as much wind. Again, this depends on the ground fixation or weight of base.

What are the types of ground fixing?

There are three types of fixing. Bases come in a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 60kg to 620KG! The second option is a mounting plate. This is a 30x30cm plate which is bolted in to an existing concrete foundation. The umbrella is connected to the plate via a connector. The third option is a support tube or ground anchorage. This is a metal tube, which comes in different sizes depending on the manufacturer. It is set within a concrete foundation, that depends on the type of umbrella used. Once it is set, the umbrella is connected to the support tube via a connector.

What wind speeds can the umbrella withstand?

Not all our umbrellas are windspeed rated. High quality umbrellas from Europe, like Glatz and Shademaker have a windspeed rating, while others do not. The umbrellas are tested in a windtunnel to check how much wind they can withstand. The speeds range from 25Km/h to 80Km/h. A ground anchorage will greatly increase the ability of the umbrella to withstand winds.


It is windy where I live, Will it blow away?

Our gazebo structures are made from a durable wood called Bengkirai (Shorea Lavis), found in Asia. Bengkerai weighs around 1000kg per cubic meter which makes it 50% heavier than teak wood or Merranti, the commonly used wood available in Dubai. Therefore, our gazebos are heavy and would require a severe hurricane to move them. The same applies to the coconut poles we use for the columns of grass gazebos .They are 18cm diameter and sturdy. The canvas top has been designed to allow air to flow through the gazebo with minimal uplift and disturbance. The two stage roof allows the wind to pass through the vented area to remove any potential uplift. We have never had a gazebo roof blow away since we started building them in 1996.

Does the gazebo have any warranty?

The canvas and grass gazebos we supply and erect in the UAE come with a 12 month warranty. We will repair or replace at our expense any defective parts and fill and re-stain any surface cracks that may occur in this period.

What about grass roof gazebos, will they last long?

Our grass gazebos follow traditional designs used in Bali, Indonesia for hundreds of years. The roof thatch is made from a special grass called Kunai grass and is built up into thick layers by wrapping it around bamboo poles, stitching it together and building up into thick layers. These roofs are designed to withstand severe tropical storms. In the dry weather conditions of the Gulf it will not rot. The first gazebo we built here 10 years ago is still in excellent condition.

My canvas roof is dirty, how should I clean it?

We recommend jet washing the roof rather that removing it. We can provide contacts for several companies who can jet the canvas for you. The roof can easily be removed, dry cleaned and replaced

Is the canvas Water proof?

We use water repellant polyester canvas. Rain will run off it, not pass through it.

How long will my gazebo last?

Bengkirai is extremely durable wood and will not rot and is resistant to attack by termites but like all outdoor wood products will require re-staining every 2 years or so. We recommend 2 coats of Sadolin Classic Wood Stain available from shops in Dubai.

I would like to move our gazebo, can you help?

For a fee, we can assist in the removal and erection of the gazebo in the UAE. If you are moving outside of the UAE, we recommend you contact a local carpenter.

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