With the hot summer months fast approaching, we often end up spending more time inside rather than out. The following 4 tips will help maximise the enjoyment of your garden or terrace so you need not be camped inside with the aircon on at full blast!

Cantilever Umbrellas

Umbrellas can do a lot to help with garden shading. With a large sofa in the garden a 300x300cm cantilever umbrella can be added to one side to shade the sofa seating area. Various models can be side tilted or back tilted depending on the position of the sun. Correctly positioned, the cantilever umbrella can give full sun protection.

Sombrano with Camels

Sombrano Umbrella Shading Camels


With the right position of the sun awnings are great garden shading solution as they can allow easy and effortless shading from the sun. Awnings can be customised in size too fit the space you need and project out to a maximum of 4 meters. Coupled with either a manual winder or easy motor operation means that using them can be hassle free. The secondary benefit of awnings is that they mean less sun entering homes and apartments keeping it cooler inside aswell!

Llaza Awning

Awnings providing shading on a terrace


Pergolas provide a unique way of garden shading in the Summer months. A fixed year round structure provides respite from the sun. Pergolas can be installed in large or small sizes and can also be standalone or attached to a building wall. Blinds can be installed on the sides of pergolas to provide shade when the sun is low. Motorised retractable canopies can also be added.

Versator Sky Pergola

Verastor Sky Pergola.

Ceiling Fans

For situations where a pergola or terrace is already present then outdoor ceiling fans can do a lot to keep cool. Installed at the right height from the ceiling, the ceiling fans can provide a constant cool breeze to keep the temperatures down in the hot summer months. Ceiling fans can also keep homes cooler for less cost. Running the aircon for short periods and then letting the ceiling fan circulate the cool area is a great money saver.

Ceiling Fans

Hunter Ceiling Fan installed on a pergola

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