One of the great things about awnings and other motorised shades is their ability to be automated. This is something that is harder and far more expensive to do with umbrellas.  Awnings provide the ability to be attached to a wall and opened and closed when needed. This can be done either with a manual winder or via a motor and remote.

Somfy Wind Sensor

Somfy Light and wind Sensor

With our awnings, we mainly supply Somfy Motors with our awnings although other brands can be used. Somfy provide a range of accessories that can be accompanied with the motor to provide automation and smart features for the user. These include wind sensors for closing the awnings when it becomes too windy, shake sensor when the device senses the awning shaking due to too much wind, a light sensor for opening when sun rises and sets and finally the mobile control to allow users to control the awning via smartphone.

Somfy Wind Sensor

Wind Sensor closes when it senses vibrations

There are several use cases for these. For awnings installed as carport shades or large 4m awnings then these provide a safety feature when unexpected strong winds arise. Additionally for a carport the awning can be closed in the evening and opened in the morning to provide shade to cars.  The Wind sensor can be setup at differing increments depending on the size of the awning and the amount of wind the awning can withstand.

The Mobile control adds another layer of automation. By connecting to an app the awning can be opened or closed from the palm of the hand. Schedules can be set to open and close the awnings.  Integration with Apple Homekit and Google Home means that voice control is also possible.

Learn more about our awnings on our awnings page including automation options, sizes and enquire about prices for different models.