Since we started supplying Synthetic Rattan Furniture over 7 years ago, we never compromised on offering high quality workmanship and materials in our outdoor furniture. Although more expensive, this ensures that the product is fit for purpose and long lasting in the hot gulf climate.

An example would be aluminium frames of our outdoor rattan furniture. The joints are 360 Welded. Frames fully powder coated against rusting. Proper thickness tubes are used to ensure the furniture is strong and fit for purpose. And then there is the Rattan fibre…

7 years ago we met with customers who had purchased cheap rattan furniture from other companies and were regretting it. Cracked fibre, faded fibre. We saw it all. Cheap low quality rattan furniture is still available in the UAE and customers are still experiencing damaged furniture after a summer in the heat.

The problem with cheap rattan fibre is that it cannot withstand exposure to the strong direct sunlight in the Gulf. This leads the fibre to dry, become brittle and finally crack. The edges of chairs and tables break away. Once this happens it is very difficult to successfully repair it if too much of it is damaged. The tension in the fibre is lost and very hard to regain.

The solution is to spend more and get a better quality fibre. But how do you know if the fibre is a good quality? When out shopping, ask the salesman these two questions. What is the warranty on the fibre? What is the brand name of the fibre? If they cannot answer these two specific questions then avoid buying it.

At the Warehouse, we use two fibre manufacturers for our Rattan furniture. Rehau and Viro. They both have a 3 year warranty on their fibre against cracking and fading. We have used these for over 7 years and can attest to their quality.

Contact our Sales Team and they can assist you in purchasing Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture.