Shade Sails are a popular choice of shading system in the UAE with custom made solutions as well as standard off the shelf shades sails being readily found. What are the options with shades sails and when are they better than other forms of shading? Let us explain..

Shade Sails present a cheap solution to covering a large area of garden or terrace. They can be triangular, square, hexagonal, overlapping and fitted with posts if required. There are lots of options! What they do offer is lower priced shading for large areas. Where homeowners don’t wish to close them then fixed shade sails are ideal as they provide year round shade. So what are the downsides? Well if you want to close them then it will be a problem. You can unhook them each time but it can be a bit of work. Additionally if there are no wall fixation points then steel posts need to be set in the ground to fit them. The developer might not allow this!

For users that want to close the shade system then other solutions such as awnings, umbrellas and motorised shade sails exist. Motorised shade sails are something gaining more attention as they offer the ability for an elegant shade system that can be closed quickly either manually of via motor. They also offer the ability to have the shade sail lowered at points to counter the rise and fall of the sun throughout the day. Furthermore they are strong and can be operated with a remote control, wind sensor and with mobile control. Finally a motorised shade sail can cover larger area than an awning.

Falaknaz the warehouse provides various types of shading solutions. Explore our website to see all the different types and decide which solution is best for you.