So you notice the climate is starting to change and the temperature is starting to subside in the Gulf. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend more of your time relaxing in your lovely garden? Time to try out that teak garden set you bought in June?  But hold on, you need shading from all that direct sunlight or you’ll be looking like a lobster in no time!  Then it’s time to get a garden umbrella!

With umbrellas, like everything, there are expensive and inexpensive versions. The question is: what do you want? Now let me start by saying that you can get a very affordable garden umbrella that doesn’t have to break the bank. However, there are a multitude of types and options that people often become confused by.  Let me run through some of the types that there are available.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Sombrano S+ cantilever umbrella


Cantilever umbrellas, like the type shown, have a hanging arm that extends out and holds the fabric of the umbrella. These types come in a variety of sizes and  in both square and circular designs. They are not suitable for very windy locations where the umbrella might blow over. The bases range from 50kg to 220kg depending on the size of the shading area. Made from aluminium, these types of umbrellas are generally powder coated to avoid white rust and are lightweight and easy to move. Depending on whether the umbrella is a top of the range or standard version, there will be different types of opening and closing mechanisms.

Teak Pole Canvas Umbrella

All Seasons Umbrella 250Dia_small

The teak pole canvas umbrella is our standard garden umbrella that has been tried and tested many times in the Gulf. Well built, it will last a long time with the only requirement to change or wash the canvas fabric. These types of umbrellas come in a range of sizes with the largest around the 4 meter mark. There is also the option of the square or round version. The canvas umbrella that we offer comes with brass fittings and a pulley system for opening and closing. In the roof of the umbrella there is a small vent to prevent uplift ( when the wind blows the top of umbrella off). The vent is designed to allow the air to pass through and escape easily. This umbrella compliments teak garden furniture extremely well.

Hanging Umbrella

Hanging Umbrella

The hanging umbrella, a cousin of the cantilever umbrella, is a much more sturdy umbrella. It is designed to cover a greater area and also for use in windier conditions. The hanging umbrella normally comes with a large base ranging from 120KG upwards to 180KG and beyond. They range in size from 3m up to 5 meters in length. There are a variety of designs in both teak wood and aluminium.  Again, these types of umbrellas have  varying levels of sophistication in their  opening and closing mechanism which is reflected on the price.  Fabrics available range from polyester in varying grades through to acrylic and olefin.


Single Pole Aluminium Umbrellas

Fortino round umbrella

The single pole aluminium umbrella is an ideal lightweight solution for the UAE garden and allows ease of mobility coupled with an adjustable tilt mechanism. In both round and square or rectangular designs, the umbrella tends to reach a maximum of 3.5m in length. The Warehouse has a wide selection of bases for aluminium umbrellas, including sandstone, concrete and granite versions. A range of fabrics also apply for these types of umbrellas. The high quality adjustable umbrellas will be more expensive than the teak pole canvas umbrella due to its more advanced engineering components.

Giant Umbrellas

Palazzo Style UmbrellaThe giant umbrella is commonly used for restaurants and hotels; however, we have installed for private residences in the past. They range in size from 5m round up to 8m round or 8x8m square. They come in a variety of designs with features such as motors, lighting, heating and misting.  The Glatz Palazzo Royal model we supply comes with a 2 year warranty and has various options for base installations. The giant umbrella is very strong and will last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Falaknaz – the Warehouse is based in Dubai and supplies indoor and outdoor furniture and umbrellas.