As part of our business, we supply a lot of individuals, hotels and restaurants with synthetic rattan furniture. It provides a modern and stylish alternative to teak furniture and can be easily customised to suit a customer’s needs. It is no surprise then that its popularity has increased over the years.

In Dubai, where the summers can be extremely punishing on garden furniture, synthetic fibre provides an excellent solution for garden relaxation in the cooler months.

At this point the buyer has a multitude of options available. The following is a list of tips that any buyer should look out for when considering synthetic furniture.

  1. Look for a company who uses a synthetic material with a warranty. We use Rehau® and Viro®; both reputed companies who guarantee their synthetic fibre against fading and degrading for 3 years. Although more expensive, one knows that the furniture will last. Go down the cheaper route and in 12-18months in the extreme Gulf weather conditions, it could disintegrate – we have seen it!
  2. Get confirmation from the company, from whom you buy, that their synthetic frames have 360 degree welding. The frame of synthetic furniture is welded aluminium. Falaknaz  – the Warehouse ensures frames are fully welded so that the furniture is strong and sturdy. A common shortcut is to spot-weld the joints. This saves money and  time but not strength. The customer will find their furniture may break 12 months down the line.
  3. The aluminium frame will deteriorate by oxidization, otherwise known as white rust, if left unpainted. Make sure you only buy furniture with aluminium frames, which are painted with car body paint or powder coated.
  4. The cushions make up a large part of synthetic furniture and it’s important to know what you are getting. How durable are the cushions? Will the colours fade?  It goes without saying that you get what you pay for with the cushions. It’s worth spending a little bit extra to make sure that the cushions are good quality. It would be upsetting to find mould over your 3 month old cushions. If you have specific requirements, we can custom make the cushions for you at our local factory in Dubai.

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