So the summer is closing in and it’s starting to get hot and the dreaded air conditioning bill will soon be arriving! What better way to cool your self down than a ceiling fan! How can a ceiling fan help you ask? Can it reduce my air conditioning bill? What model should I go for? Let me explain..

Ceiling fans are nothing new and were actually invented in 1886 by Hunter Fans in the USA. At that time the first model was water driven however todays models feature high quality indoor and outdoor electric motors. Ceiling fans are designed to circulate the air in a room so that 1)the colder air can reach all parts of the room and 2) Provide windchill on the body giving the feeling of reducing the room temperature. Its no surprise then that there are lots of companies supplying various forms of Ceiling fans. Here is what you should know.

Circulation of Air

As mentioned previously, Ceiling Fans are designed to circulate the air in a room. Warm air rises, so the fan is directed to the ground to circulate the colder air on the floor. Coupled with this is an air conditioning system. By using ceiling fans in conjunction with an air conditioning unit you can reduce the dependence on air conditioning. Cold air is being inserted into the room by the air conditioning. The warm air rises to the ceiling and the cold air fills from the bottom. By having a ceiling fan, the cold air is circulated around the room meaning you can infact turn off the air conditioning. The additional benefit is the cool breeze you receive from the fans(in the form of wind chill) makes you feel cooler and even when the room temperature is warmer. See this handy diagram to understand the process.

Cost Saving

There are multiple sources stating the benefits of ceilings fans over full dependence on Air conditioning units. See the Dewa site here. The cost in using the electricity in Ceiling fans is lower than using the electricity in Air conditioning. The average ceiling fan uses the same amount of electricity as a 100watt light bulb. So a home owner can turn the thermostat up and turn on the ceiling fan and feel the same temperature for less energy used.

What Ceiling fans?

Lugano Dubai Ceiling Fan

There are a multitude of ceiling fan options available in the market today and many of these may seem the same to the casual observer. At the end of the day it boils down to asethetics, price and features. Cheap fans can start as little as 70AED. Cheap and cheerful as the saying goes. These fans won’t be silent and won’t have the same efficiency in circulating air as the high quality Hunter fans. This means you will need to turn up the power to achieve the same circulation and thereby increasing the blade noise.

Hunter fans have actually got smaller blades than their cheaper counterparts as they are more efficient at circulating air. The hunter fans also use less power than the cheaper fans as they are more efficient at what they do. Coupled with this, one receives a lifetime motor warranty and a more stylish fan. It’s clear that there are many benefits by paying extra for a Hunter Fan. Indoor and outdoor fans are available in many different styles with optional accessories including blades, remote controls and light fittings. Take a look at the available range here in Dubai.