When Choosing a shading option, Hanging or cantilever umbrellas are one of the most popular choices in the Middle east.  It is therefore important to understand the scenarios when a hanging umbrella is suitable and when an alternative umbrella should be used. In this article we layout some of the occasions when a Hanging umbrella is the right choice.

Understanding the types of Hanging umbrella

There are essentially two types of Hanging umbrella. Cantilever and Hanging. The term “Hanging” gets used generally for both. The canopies hang over providing shade. They are very useful in that they don’t interfere with seating layouts. There is no requirement for a hole to be added in the middle of that outdoor table as would be the case with a centre pole umbrella. It is for this reason they are so popular.

The hanging type consists of an arm which is fixed and hangs over with the canopy attached to the arm. This type is very strong as it has few moving parts. However when it closes, it closes over the space below and can interfere with seating arrangements. By contrast, the cantilever version doesn’t have this drawback. When it is opened and closed with a winder, it extends from the side pole out over the area it is shading. There is no interference with any seating.


When to use which type

We often have customers request hanging/cantilever umbrellas for their shading however there are important factors to consider when deciding to use such an umbrella.

  1. Wind – Wind plays an important factor. Cantilever umbrellas are fine for locations where there is little wind but can get easily damaged due to strong gusts. Cantilever umbrellas have more working parts and so have more things that can be damaged. Hanging umbrellas on the other hand have few moving parts. They can withstand greater windspeeds. As a rule of thumb, we recommend avoiding putting cantilever umbrellas in windy locations and Terraces. If necessary use a centre pole umbrella.
  2. Sun – The position of the sun on the area to be shaded can have an important bearing on deciding on the umbrella. Some cantilever umbrellas offer side tilting whereas others offer back tilting. What time of day is shading required? Are there neighbouring buildings or structures providing shading at certain parts of the day. All of these answers can provide a better understanding of the umbrella type required.

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