Indoor solid wood furniture has always had a natural beauty. It is  a far cry from the mass produced furniture that fills many high street furniture showrooms. Natural wood furniture will also last; whereas a mass produced sets will go out of fashion after a couple of years, solid wood furniture can be re-stained in colour and repaired. But what should a buyer be aware of when buying a solid wood furniture piece?

Solid wood, as the name implies, is a natural product. The manufacturing process begins when a tree is chopped in a managed plantation and then is sent for sawing into planks. Once it arrives at our factory it will be kiln dried. Why?

Moisture content

Tropical hardwoods, as the name implies, are grown in a tropical climate with wet seasons and lots of moisture in the air. To use the same wood in a warm and dry climate, such as the Middle East, one needs to remove the moisture from the wood. It is removed to reduce the shrinkage of the wood prior to manufacture. The kiln drying process removes the moisture to acceptable levels suitable for a Middle East climate. What happens when the wood is not kiln dried? It will shrink when drying as the moisture leaves the wood. If it has been made into furniture then dependent on how much moisture is still in the wood, cracking will occur.

A natural product

Even once the kiln drying process has been completed, there will still be movement in the wood. It’s a natural product and contains moisture no matter how hard you try to dry it.  Once in our workshop and showroom in Dubai, we can monitor moisture levels and any movement that may occur, and fix the piece.  This is part of the natural process and is one part of owning a unique solid wood piece of furniture.

Our workshop has been set up to monitor any movement in the furniture and where necessary correct it. This is all included in our after sales service which we provide to all our customers.

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