The Summer house is proving a popular addition for many home owners in the UAE. An additional area for peaceful relaxation or a summer house for use with Winter parties. They are even used as a Study. At the Warehouse we offer customers fully custom made Summer houses for their gardens.

The first consideration when deciding on a summer house is where it will be located. A suitable size will be required in order to provide a large enough internal space. The roof of the summerhouse can over hang by around 70/80 cm so this needs to be factored on.

The necessary approvals should next be acquired. Many developers require homeowners to seek approvals from them prior to the starting of any garden structure works. Contact your developer to find out what is required and allowed.

With this information we can look at what structure can be installed. We can supply three main types of Summer house or Gazebo. Shingle roof, Grass roof and Canvas roof. The shingle roof will be looked at for this article. It offers a more permanent solution.

Shingle Roof gazebo in a garden

One of the great things about the shingle roof summer house we supply are the Ironwood shingles are very strong and durable but are also a natural product. The summer house can also be fitted with glass windows, glass doors. This offer a large amount of light to shine in to the house. However we can also add wooden panels for additional privacy.

We have also installed houses with air conditioning, a toilet and motorised intelligent blinds (Roller, Venetian and Roman Blinds). There are a great deal of customisation options available from the type of glass to different types of metal door fittings.

Our Second part will cover the process from start to finish including the manufacturing of the Summer house to the customers specifications. Visit Falaknaz the Warehouse for more information on our Summer house range.