At the Warehouse, we are involved in allot of projects requiring unusual natural furniture designs for Hotels and private villas. With links to our factory in Bali, Indonesia, this makes it much easier for us to produce visually stunning and interesting designs. Natural furniture involves linking back to the raw natural wood with minimal finishing to produce a look very different to modern furniture designs. Also Some of these designs can be combined with Metal (stainless steel or aluminium) to produce modern natural designs. Below are some of the designs we have recently produced.

The Designs

root console

Root Console Table. Taken from the roots of a teak tree and turned upside down. Totally unique.


Root coffee table with glass

Wood taken from the root of a teak tree and combined in to an unusual and Unique coffee table.

Natural Furniture | Drift wood Table with Glass

Driftwood Pieces combined together to create a coffee table.

Natural Furniture - Suar dining table

The ever popular Suar (Acacia) wood table. These are always very popular.

Furthermore, our Factory can produce many alternative natural furniture designs. Our design team have been able to produce complex design involving metal and wood. Finally, if you have a project needing natural furniture designs then contact our team in Dubai to see how we can assist you. You can also check out our Organic natural wood furniture page here.