Lets face it, we all like sitting out and enjoying the sun. At the Warehouse in Dubai we realised this and have been supplying a range of umbrellas for customers looking to take some respite from the Sun. However, sometimes there are situations where umbrellas just don’t provide the right level of shade.  This is when retractable terrace awnings can be a very good solution. Awnings are retractable canopies that can be attached to a wall and provide a great deal of shade.

Terrace Awnings Vs Umbrellas

So what are the reasons why an awnings is more suitable than an umbrella? Firstly umbrellas depending on the type can have large bases to ensure they don’t blow over in a gust of wind. These large bases can take up alot of space and interfere with carefully laid out seating plans. Additionally, hanging umbrellas might be too large for the shade space needed.  We certainly wouldn’t recommend a hanging umbrella on anything above ground level! This is when awnings should be considered.

Awnings have the fabric stored around the roller. The awning is then opened manually or with a motor. They are very easy to use once installed and can be fitted to concrete walls and above patio doors. Once closed you wouldn’t even know they are there!

Complet pro Awning on A houseThere are actually many different types of awnings but the two main versions are cassette and monoblock awning. There are many technical differences but the main point is that the cassette version closes into a cassette(case) fully protecting the fabric from dust and rain. The universal awning doesn’t offer this protection when closed. There are obviously differences in price not including accessories and this will obviously depend on budgets.

Awnings can also be fitted with a range of accessories including wireless motor operation and wind sensor so the awning can automatically close when it gets too windy. A very handy feature!

Fabric colour is also an important decision in customising the awning. We only supply solution dyed acrylic fabric for awnings. This means it wont fade. Fabrics are available in many price ranges and styles. Pick something that matches your terrace decor. Quality Sunbrella™ fabric can be used aswell to give it a unique look. The awning can be complimented with a flounce. This is a small flap at the end. A nice feature.

You can check out the range of terrace awnings available at the warehouse here.  There are many options to fully customise them to your liking.