At the Warehouse, we often receive customers who are amazed at the beauty of our natural wood furniture. Natural wood furniture has a particular style that in many ways is timeless. Yes it can go out of fashion however it can also be re-stained and recoloured to suit changing tastes. This is something that Falaknaz the Warehouse offers to its customers.

Our home furniture is normally produced in either Teak or Mahogany wood and is sourced from Government owned plantations in Indonesia. Strictly controlled by the Indonesian Government, every piece of furniture must be logged with sources of where the furniture was purchased. This ensures that the furniture production is sustainable for future generations.

One of the great things about the furniture is how long it lasts with proper use. Whereas veneered MDF furniture typically found in many home furniture stores can be stained and chipped meaning it is very difficult to repair. With Nautral wood furniture, the damaged surface can be sanded and re-stained or Breakage sent to our workshop or a good carpenter for repair. So it can often far outlive some of the modern furniture alternatives.

At the warehouse we have a selection of popular colours that the furniture can be coloured in. We often have our furniture arrive in our warehouse unfinished and then re-stain the piece to the customers tastes. Below are a selection of popular colours often found on some of our furniture pieces.

Visit our showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and our team would be delighted to show you our natural wood furniture range on display.