The Warehouse began expanding its range of teakwood umbrellas in 2009 in order to cater for different styles and needs. Hanging umbrellas, canterlever umbrellas, giant umbrellas…you name it, we sold it! Getting to know each umbrella type, its limitations and its strengths, takes experience. At The Warehouse, we feel we have a great combination of hanging, giant and centre pole umbrellas.

Of course, it wasn’t always this way! A project we started in 2011 resulted in the redevelopment of our first umbrella, the traditional teak garden umbrella, for modern standards.  This umbrella is often the staple of many garden furniture stores. They can be found in every furniture outlet and tend to follow very similar designs. The hubs are generally made of wood with a wire connecting the struts supporting the ribs with Polyester rope for the pulley. We know all this because we sold many…

There was an underlying problem with this umbrella. It was old and outdated and more importantly, the rope didn’t last! In the heat and humidity of the Middle East, the core and outer skin would separate. The rope had to be replaced! The wire support for the strutt would rust and break. The brass fittings would discolour and the elastic on the canopy would lose its elasticity.

There were many problems that needed solutions but eventually we came up with our own design. The All Seasons Umbrella!  The new umbrella (now in our showrooms) is, in our opinion, the best available in the UAE.

Some of the features are: –

  • High quality canopy fabric – no elastic!
  • Stainless Steel 316 fittings (rust proof)
  • High quality marine grade rope (used on ship rigging)
  • Double pulley system for easy opening and closing
  • A stable base designed to let the umbrella withstand gusts of wind

I would like to draw your attention to point 2, the stainless steel fittings. Other companies supply stainless steel fittings but not in 316 grade. Why? It’s expensive. Most companies supply in 304 grade. Although resistant to rust the fittings will discolour and go a grey colour with rust spots over them. It is much nicer, in our opinion, to have an umbrella that lasts and looks good than cheap and looks bad after 1 year.

So, All Seasons Umbrella…hello world!