The Balinese “bale” or grass roofed gazebo is synonymous with tropical living and has become a popular feature used as a shade structure in gardens in the Gulf.

Viewed whilst holidaying in a tropical paradise such as Bali, it seems idyllic but many wonder if it is really suited to the climatic conditions of this region.

Falaknaz The Warehouse LLC have imported these structures since 1996 and our first gazebo is still in excellent condition and giving service in a garden in Barsha!

This is largley due to the quality of the material we use and the processes during manufacture, which are specified with gulf conditions in mind.

First we use Bengkirai wood for the main structural elements and decking. Bengkirai is a very hard and durable wood, far superior to the commonly used meranti and much more resistant to termite attack. All that is required to keep your Balinese gazebo looking fresh and clean is a re-varnish after 18 months or so, which we are happy to do as part of our after sales service.

Whether you choose a grass or a shingle roof, you need have no concerns regarding durability. In the dry ambient conditions of the Gulf, your roof will survive much longer than in the tropics. After 10 years we can attest that the only danger comes from nesting birds.

Wooden Shingles are very practical in the Gulf Climate. They are made from thin strips of extremely hard wood, which will not rot or deteriorate. The shingle tiles are laid in an overlapping method just like clay or concrete roof tiles but are of course very lightweight and therefore more suitable for lightweight garden gazebos.

The roof of a shingle gazebo will require no maintenance apart from occasional washing to remove dust or sand during the dry months.

We have supplied shingle gazebos to 5 star hotels as well as to villas in new Dubai.

We developed our canvas and hardwood gazebos for the gulf market back in 2000 and we have supplied many units to UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. Using the high quality bengkirai hardwood structure, our canvas roof gazebos are constructed with 2 stage roofs to prevent uplift forces from lifting off the roof in windy conditions.

We have supplied large canvas gazebos with roofs up to 40 sq meters in size.