At the Warehouse in Dubai, we display a lot of unique Home furniture designs ideal for centrepieces in the home or 5 Star hotel.  The designs are stunning and so we thought we would provide some more information about them so customers are more aware of what they are buying.

Root table in teakwoodRoot Tables

The majority of our furniture is manufactured in our factory in Bali, Indonesia. We do this so we can quality control the final product and make sure the customer is always getting the  very best.

A popular design that we started supplying a couple of years ago is Root Tables.These are the roots of teakwood trees that have been turned upside down and made in to stunning Coffee tables. A thick tempered glass top is added to finish these unique pieces off. The root table can come in many different sizes and styles so one is buying in to a totally one off piece. They make a great addition to the any home.

Solid Wood table

Suar Furniture

Another type of table we supply is the Suar Wood table. Suar, (also known as Acacia), is a stunning wood made from thick trees. They have proved very popular recently when mixed with Stainless steel designs. The tops are around 10cm thick and can be around 70-80cm wide. To stop cracking in such a large top, bolts are inserted in the side of the top.

Suar is not just used in tables but have also been made in to beds, coffee tables, benches and chairs. When stained, they can really show off the beautiful grain of the wood with the variances from the white to dark wood.